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Planned investment will fit perfectly in the landscape of contemporary Jeżyce district and will ensure the traditional character of the place as well as permanently will raise prestige of the district what will result in attracting new residents and investors. Together with the city park placed in the old zoo, investment will complement Jeżyce district in order to become its showcase and with a restored hall, an important tourist, commercial, cultural and business centre.

Poland is currently at the forefront of world countries in which Portuguese companies locate their investments and is a key investment market in Central - Eastern Europe. The interest of Portuguese companies in our country reflects the size of the Polish - Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, which is the third largest Chamber in Europe.

Areas of interest include renewable energy, real estate, trade, banking, distribution, industry and services. In Poland there are over 100 companies with Portuguese capital, of which the best known are, Biedronka, Bank Millennium and Eurocash.

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